Why Is Online Games So Addictive?

Why Is Online Games So Addictive?

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Online games are one of the most-watched hobbies in the world. Many people spend hours in front of their computers, sitting in their pajamas, playing their hearts out. They will even go so far as to sleep at night, wrapped up in the glow of their monitors and controllers. It is easy to see why online games are so popular, but why are they so addicting? After all, there is no touching, rubbing, or having an actual person to play against or, at the very least, competing with. Interesting information! 


The reason why online games are so addicting can be boiled down to one of three factors: the interactivity, the mediation, or the social networking. Most online games are fairly simply games where you use your mouse to drive a car, shoot at enemies, throw balls, or do any variety of other basic activities. In fact, the only thing that changes between a full-fledged online game and a simple flash game or something on Facebook is the graphics and the amount of interactivity used in the game. The reason why online games are so social and interactive is because many websites have taken the option of allowing players to chat with each other while they play a game. For example, many online video game websites feature chat rooms where players can talk to each other while playing their favorite games.


The second reason why online games are so addicting lies in the play frequency. Games with large play frequency means that more people are becoming accustomed to playing them and forming strong online friendships with others who enjoy the same types of games. For example, players on the popular social networking site like Facebook are likely to form friendships with other Facebook friends who also enjoy the same games as them. This kind of familiarity and strong bonds have made online games somewhat of a new genre on the Internet, one that looks like it will continue to grow as popular as social networking sites continue to grow in size and influence.

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