What Is a Service of Process Agent?

What Is a Service of Process Agent?

Every business that is registered to do business in a specific state must designate an agent for service of process agent to accept legal documents and lawsuits. This person or company is known as a “registered agent.”

Service of Process: A Comprehensive Guide for UK Businesses

The registered agent’s address must be listed in the state where the business is registered. This information is public knowledge and can be found on the secretary of state’s website. Some businesses choose to have a friend or family member be the agent for service of process. Others will hire a professional company to serve as their registered agent. This is a better option because it can limit interruptions at the business and ensure that service of process is done correctly and in accordance with the law.

Service of process can be very complicated and there are many different laws and rules that must be followed. For example, it is important to hire a process server that is familiar with the rules of each jurisdiction and has experience serving all types of business entities, including unauthorized foreign entities and suspended or dissolved businesses.

In most cases, a professional process server will be able to serve a summons or notice and complaint directly on an individual defendant. However, this may not always be the case. In some instances, the defendant must consent to being served by mail or other means and sign a form indicating that he or she will do so. In addition, when attempting to serve a summons or notice and complaints on a corporation or other type of entity, the process server must follow the rules of each jurisdiction regarding how many times the papers need to be published in a local newspaper.

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