Types of Magazine Shelving

Types of Magazine Shelving

magazine shelving

One of the most common items found in a home or in a professional office setting is magazine shelving. Magazine shelving offers both organization and storage for a multitude of different publications. Magazines are stored on their own, on stands, or in magazine towers. The rack is usually located above a work area, such as a drafting table or countertop. A typical magazine shelf will hold approximately twenty magazines, but the number of publications can be increased with a wall unit or by purchasing additional magazine shelving units.

The Secret Of Successful Types Of Magazine Shelving

The most common sizes for magazine shelving are either seven-foot or five-foot width, although smaller units may be available. Most magazine shelves consist of either stacked panels or multiple tiers. All tiers of magazine shelving have either rubber or wood casters under the load path to help move the magazine from one location to another. The top of the magazine rack often has hooks or clips that allow it to be hung on a wall. This method allows the user to easily move the magazines that are not in use from one room to another.

All types of magazine shelving provide many advantages to the individual who needs extra space for a home or office. Most individuals who purchase extra magazines store them on their shelves in a closet, but magazines can also be stored on a tower stand, wall unit, or on an adjustable shelf. When purchasing magazines for personal use, it is best to select those that are not published in a standard size, as unsold magazines are sold in oversized sizes and will require special packaging.

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