The Cuban Chain Necklace

The Cuban Chain Necklace

During the 1970’s, the cuban chain necklace was a popular piece of jewelry. It is a necklace that can be worn by men and women. It is made up of a series of oval links that form a rope pattern.

Why are Cuban chains so popular?

These links are made from several different types of metals. The most common is gold. Other metals include platinum and nickel. You can even combine some of these materials to make white gold chains. You can also mix other colored metals with gold to change the color.

In 2012, Jay-Z wore a $200k Cuban link chain in his video “Lost in the Game”. Other famous rappers and hip hop artists have been known to sport the same necklace.

The most important thing to remember when buying a Cuban chain is the quality of the material. You need to be sure that the chain is durable and will last a long time. It is best to buy from a trusted source.

The most expensive type of Cuban chain is the gold version. These chains are often made from 14k gold. Despite their price, they are still affordable. Fortunately, there are other alternatives, such as brass and copper. The most inexpensive alternative is usually brass, which is similar to gold but has a much lower price tag.

The Cuban chain necklace is a fun and unique accessory. It can be worn with almost anything and can also be worn in combination with other accessories.

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