Tantra School

Tantra School

Tantra School is an exclusive spiritual university devoted to the true tantric teachings, developed by Indian sadhus, in India. People from all over the world seek to boldly fulfill the deepest desires of their souls by bringing ancient wisdom in Tantra, Yoga and meditation into a fresh and useful form by offering pure ancient knowledge in Tantra. In recent years, this ancient wisdom has been subject to Western scrutiny, in particular with the advent of “The NLP tantra” from Dr. David Grove. The Tantric way of life is deeply entrenched in spiritual practices that are thousands of years old. This Tantra has been refined and modernized to a highly potent form of spiritual instruction for modern times.

Learn Exactly How I Improved Tantra School

The first of the three modules will introduce students to the profound ancient secrets of Tantra. These secrets are revealed through a series of eight lectures on the ancient yoga philosophy and the dynamics of the tantric spiritual evolution. The second module will train students on the first two yoga mantras – Chaturanga-Vati and Samudradi-Vati.

The third module will introduce students to the dynamic reality of the tantra yoga positions called asanas. These yoga positions have special tantra value and significance in establishing the spiritual evolution of the student. The last two modules will further enhance students understanding of the primary importance of the tantra school to their spiritual evolution. The unique teachings of the tantra school are a rare spiritual gift and the key to a meaningful and fulfilled existence.

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