School Website Design – Social Media For Your School’s Future

School Website Design – Social Media For Your School’s Future

What makes a good school web design so important for private schools is they’re under even more pressure to come up with compelling websites, for, frankly, in an increasingly competitive environment than their publicly funded peer schools. A private school can’t afford to build a website that’s simply not going to cut it. That’s why it’s so important to take your time when you’re designing and constructing a new website – it doesn’t have to be a major project… you can start with a basic concept and work up from there.

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But one of the most important aspects of getting right with your school’s school website design is engaging the student body and faculty – which is where social media comes in. It’s no accident that social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are now amongst the top choices of people who prefer to do business online. They allow you to reach out to potential students and faculty members within your target demographic and can give you an opportunity to interact with a large, largely interested audience without necessarily having to spend a lot of time creating a personal connection. If you can combine that with effective use of strategic social media – like connecting with current students and faculty on a regular basis through events like school fairs, club meetings, and student newspapers – then you’ll be well on your way to creating a highly responsive student base.

Here’s what I mean: some students and faculty won’t be comfortable using Facebook or Twitter or may not feel comfortable using LinkedIn or MySpace. It’s perfectly OK to turn to these social media websites as a way to keep in touch with your existing students and faculty, and perhaps gain a new perspective or learn about a current student. But remember, you want to take the same approach with your school website design that you would with your social media contacts. Give them something interesting to read, something worthwhile, something timely – and make sure that your design reflects this.

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