Inogen Batteries

Inogen Batteries

inogen batteries

Inogen Batteries

Our inogen batteries offer a variety of features and benefits. These include:

Long battery life with a compact design.

Our inogen batteries rechargeable lithium ion batteries have an average lifespan of 300 to 500 charges and come with a 1-Year Warranty!

Inogen batteries are also compatible with other rechargeable devices, such as flashlights, walkie-talkie radios, battery powered lanterns and cameras.

A single inogen battery provides three to eight hours of oxygen flow depending on the unit and the flow setting in use.

The Pros and Cons of Buying Used Inogen Batteries

Adding more battery life to your inogen concentrator gives you the freedom to take longer trips that you may have never been able to before.

The Inogen G3 offers two battery options: the standard 8-cell and the extended 16-cell. The standard 8-cell battery provides up to 4.5 hours of use while the extended 16-cell can last 3.3 – 9.5 hours depending on the oxygen flow settings in use.

The G3 uses AC power inside the home or by connecting to DC power ports on a car or plane. Inogen also offers an optional external charger to provide charging when away from home.

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