EMF Protection Cell Phone Case

EMF Protection Cell Phone Case

There are a lot of anti-radiation stickers, chips, guards, and incomplete shielding cases out there. These give folks a false sense of security. Rather than reducing your radiation exposure, they can actually increase it. They can do this by blocking the signal your phone uses to communicate with cell towers. This means your phone will work harder to keep the connection, which in turn produces more radiation.

This is why we recommend cases that are independently tested. These use a special material that has been shown to block up to 99% of radiation while not impacting your signal or battery. Cases like this one from DefenderShield are a good choice.

Shielding Your Health: The Science Behind EMF Protection Cell Phone Cases

Another option is the RadiArmor emf protection cell phone case Sleeve. This is a pouch instead of a case, but it’s really the best one we’ve found. One side of the pouch is lined with a specialized fabric that has highly conductive metal mesh fibers woven into it. This prevents EMF radiation from broadcasting towards you, and it’s also great for privacy.

The other side of the pouch has a slot for your phone. This is where your phone goes when you’re on a call or using an app that needs to connect to the internet. It doesn’t interfere with your signal, but it does block the radiation your phone emits to communicate with its network.

We don’t recommend holding your phone to your head, even with a protective case. Always use a wired headset or air tube headset when talking on the phone, and don’t hold it against your head.

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