Death Dreams: Are They Therapy?

Death Dreams: Are They Therapy?

If you have been dreaming about someone dying or an event in your life ending, there are some commonalities in these dreams. Some of them have clear meaning, while others may have more meaning behind them. Death dreams are usually not very serious, and often you will see that the death or incident is simply a sign that it won’t be long. These are usually not very important, so dream about something else instead, such as a promotion, finding a great new love interest, getting a job change, or other positive things that can help you succeed.

What is mean Death Dreams: Are They Therapy?

When you dream about someone losing their life, you might be subconsciously sending out a message to someone else about your own death. When you are thinking about dream of someone dying, you are usually also thinking about yourself, so you have a double vision when you dream about someone dying. Death dreams tend to mean a gradual change in your life, as death means either the renewal or the ending of something. Dreaming about someone suddenly passing away or about your own death is likely due to guilt you feel over leaving someone behind, so you are sending a message to a loved one not to worry too much and take their life slowly. Dreaming of someone undergoing a major life change also means that you are trying to prepare yourself for that event in your life, which could mean a new job, new relationship, new living situation, etc.

Another common dream relating to death is a dream about the person drowning. Again, the idea here is not to frighten or even panic, but rather to be calm in the face of that possibility. Death dreams can symbolize how you react to a situation, and whether or not you are willing to take that chance. If you are afraid that you are going to die, this type of dream can give you encouragement to stay strong and try to hang on. Dreams about drowning are usually about how your life ends up there, so you should be prepared for that outcome. You should always remember that dreams are not real, but they can sometimes mean the most things to us.

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