Credit Union Statement Printing and Mailing

Credit Union Statement Printing and Mailing

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Statement printing can be a daunting task for many credit unions. There’s the statement design to consider, complex print software to develop, file transfer and verification standards to set up, not to mention the time and effort required to actually complete the task. In addition, statement printing is prone to errors, making it an inefficient process for any organization.

Using CU*BASE’s statement printing and mailing services can alleviate the pressure on your staff and eliminate time-consuming, manual processes. Whether it’s savings and DDA statements, compliance documents, loan documentation or tax forms, these sensitive documents represent the hopes and dreams of your members and clients. Getting them out on time, in an appealing and informative format will help your institution gain more member engagement and satisfaction. URL https://www.onlinestatements.us/

Our statement print and mail processing is completed using a state-of-the-art, automated workflow solution that includes a GBR feeder/accumulator/folder which in turn feeds the half-folded statements into a Quadient DS-180i statement inserter for insertion into envelopes. We offer the option of including a custom logo to enhance your member statement, as well as perforating pages vertically or horizontally inline with the printing. Using this advanced technology eliminates the need for pre- or post production processing, and reduces dependence on expensive, pre-printed statement stock.

Statement Printing: Enhancing Your Brand’s Professional Image with Customized Solutions

Statements can be printed for a range of customers or for a specific statement cycle. The Print Statement program uses the Data Selection you specify at Accounts Receivable Period End Processing to select which customers are included in the print run. The Print Statement program will also fax or email statements to the customers specified at the Include Customers to Fax and/or Email option (depending on your selection at the Include Customers to option).

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