Call Tracking Companies

Call Tracking Companies

call tracking companies

To understand the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, you need to track phone calls. Call tracking companies provide unique vanity phone numbers to your business. These numbers can be local or toll-free and route calls to your business’s phone number. This allows you to track how many leads come from a particular marketing campaign or channel. You can also port your tracking number to another company if you decide to change companies or services. Call tracking companies can provide tracking numbers for U.S. and international calls.

A Good Call Tracking Service Will Provide A Wealth Of Information

Most call tracking companies offer custom call end services, which can increase the efficiency of your call tracking solution. One example is Lever Interactive, which helped a major ecommerce retailer increase revenue by 66% while decreasing its effective revenue share by 70%. Another case study involved a furniture repair service provider, which used call tracking to increase calls by 220% while spending only 19% of the time talking to customers. Lever Interactive’s solution improved call efficiency by 75 percent.

You may be wondering how to track calls from different search engines. While Google’s call tracking only tracks calls from paid search, a call tracking service can track calls from virtually any source. In addition, you can compare your cost-per-lead from different search engines. For example, Bing was more cost-effective than Google, but call tracking companies allow you to track calls from any traffic source. They can also help you determine how much each search engine cost per lead, making it easier to measure the success of different marketing campaigns.

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