Attorney Slovenia

Attorney Slovenia

Attorney Slovenia is a person who has completed an advanced law degree and has passed the State Bar exam. The State’s law schools offer bachelor and master degrees in law. The programs take four years to complete. Students are required to participate in internships while earning their degrees. Students who are citizens of the European Union or a country with mutual bilateral affinities do not have to pay tuition at Slovenian universities.

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The Court of Audit has been brought to the Slovene legal system with the new Constitution and is responsible for supervising state accounts and the state budget as well as all other public spending (art. 150 of the Constitution). The Court of Audit cannot be categorized within either legislative, executive or judicial branches of power; it is independent in the performance of its functions and bound by the Constitution and laws.

The Supreme Court is the highest appeals court in the Republic of Slovenia and acts primarily as a court of cassation. It has appellate jurisdiction in criminal and civil cases, commercial lawsuits and labor and social security disputes. Appeals against rulings of the High Labor-Social Court or extraordinary appeals are trialed by the Supreme Court. Slovenia is a democratic republic and endorses the parliamentary system of democracy (art. 1 of the Constitution). It is a territorially unified and indivisible state (art. 1).

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