The Shrooms House in Portland, Oregon, is a Mecca for Psychedelic Mushrooms

PORTLAND — Shrooms house was never one to keep its head down. The wellness store on West Burnside made headlines nationally after it was discovered that it sold psychedelic mushrooms to customers who lined up outside the business, sometimes waiting for hours. The owners of the store, which was called Shroom House, and a store manager were arrested in December after police raided the establishment, seizing 22 pounds of psilocybin and other mushroom products. Go here https://houseofshrooms.co/product/albino-avery/

The store was open for only a few weeks before the raid and had already garnered plenty of media attention. It had a line that extended around the block and required potential customers to provide proper documentation and a reasoning for why they wanted to buy the drugs. Many of the reasons cited by the customers were related to mental health.

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While Oregon has legalized the drug psilocybin for certain medical purposes, it’s still illegal to sell it at retail stores. It’s only allowed to be sold at state-approved centers, where a facilitator guides users through their experience.

The Magic Mushroom House in Aspen, Colorado, was built in the 1970s by a renaissance man who used a variety of popular mind-expanding substances to fuel his creativity. He designed the circular home based on a nautilus shell, but it was nicknamed for its many hallucinogen-inspired features. It’s one part cozy hobbit hole, one part dreamy castle, and one part faraway mystical plane of existence. Inside, the walls and windows are all uniquely shaped, giving the space a dreamlike quality.